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Frinox, company from Chapecó, confirmed presence in Mercoagro 2016 and will display the advanced equipments for the meatpacking line in the fair. One of the highlights is the product transport system (vacuum). The company commercializes the products for all the Brazil, Latin American and Asian countries. To its projects elaboration, the company counts on the highest technology, what results in the most modern equipment for the slaughtering of birds and fish.

To the commercial manager of the company, Lourdes Weirich, participating in these big centres of business like Mercoagro is indispensable to companies that want to expand and grow in the market. “We believe being present in this event does not mean only displaying your products, it also means to accompany the news and necessities of the sector, apart from expanding our contacts”. The fair is organized by the Industrial and Commercial Association (ACIC) and has the support of the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA), of the Brazilian Association of Meatpacking (Abrafrigo) and of the Technology Centre of Meats of ITAL.

Mercoagro is programmed for the period between the 13th to th 16th of September of this year, in the Efapi Exhibition Park, and it involves the providing companies of the meat industry that contain, among others, the freezing, cooling, factory automation, ingredients and additives, packaging, transport and storage, equipment and accessories sectors.

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The Industrial and Commercial Association (ACIC), organizer of Mercoagro 2016 (Business, Meat Processing and Industrialization International Fair), reunited this Tuesday (14), local exhibitors of the fair. The objective was to explain about the organization and the planning of Mercoagro and to hear suggestions.

The Fair’s Projects Manager, Nadir José Cervelin, exposed the improvements done in the Tancredo Neves Exhibition Park, and among them is the new layout of the streets, interconnection of pavilions, bathrooms reform and internal painting and the alignment of the pavilions’ floor. There will also be a cooling system installed and good quality internet will be provided.

Cervelin also re explained the details about the schedule of replenishment of the booths, accreditation, safety, transport and fair promotion. “More than 80% of the spaces have been commercialized. The organization is allied with the planning, with compliance of deadlines. We know we are in a delicate economical moment, but with the contribution of all we will build a better Mercoagro”, emphasized.

For the first time in the history of the fair it was constituted an Exhibitors Commission. For the member of the Commission, Gonçalo Coelho, it is important to strengthen Mercoagro. “We need, as exhibitors, to contribute with the fair and the city. Keeping the fair strong is being capable of bringing customers to the inside of our factories, which is not possible with the participation in events in other cities or abroad. The biggest beneficiary with the Mercoagro’s growth is us”, highlighted.

ACIC’s president, Josias Mascarello,highlighted that the accession of companies to Mercoagro is great due to the tradition of efficiency and seriousness proven during 22 years and ten biennial consecutive editions.


Mercoagro 2016 is organized by ACIC and will be carried from the 13th to the 16th of September in the Tancredo Neves Exhibition Park, in Chapecó (SC). The visitation time will be from 14 to 21 o’clock (2p.m to 9p.m). The fair counts on the institutional support of the Regional Bank of Development of the Extreme South (BRDE), of the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA), of the Brazilian Association of Meatpacking (Abrafrigo) and of the Technology Centre of Meats of ITAL, of the Association of Slaughterhouses, Meatpacking and Meat Distributors of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul (Assocarnes), among other institutions.

Source: Mercoagro

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